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This web site serves as a personal archive. It contains materials for students, both past and present, as well as material related to my academic research and political activism. There are pages devoted to my writing, both scholarly and political. These include work on religion as a cultural phenomenon, social criticism, and political commentary.

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RICHARD CURTIS received his PhD in Religion (Philosophy of Religion and Theology) from the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in 2006 and his MA in Religious Studies (Jewish Philosophy and Liberation Theology) from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991. Dr. Curtis, though not a believer, belongs to a liberal faith community, has taught undergraduate philosophy and is active in various social justice causes.

Curriculum Vitae

  RC Spring 2012
Richard Curtis Book  

In his first book Richard Curtis argues that religion is a universal human phenomenon regardless of content. In popular culture religion is understood to be belief in supernatural things but specialists in the field usually use a generic definition. Dr. Curtis, here, offers his theory of the nature of religion, which is open as to content (that is compatible with theistic and atheistic positions), based on the latest insights from Philosophy of Mind, the Social Sciences and the Cognitive Sciences.