Orca Richard Curtis, PhD
Philosopher | Theologian | Educator | Activist


Groundbreaking New Synthesis of Religious Studies and Philosophy of Mind

What Is Religion?

What Is Religion?


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In this book Richard Curtis argues that religion is a universal human phenomenon regardless of content. In popular culture religion is understood to be belief in supernatural things but specialists in the field usually use a generic definition. Dr. Curtis, here, offers his theory of the nature of religion, which is open as to content (that is compatible with theistic and atheistic positions), based on the latest insights from Philosophy of Mind, the Social Sciences and the Cognitive Sciences.

"I believe Dr. Curtis’ work will be of value to scholars of religion and to clergy and lay people engaged in the daily spiritual struggles and the stories of their faith communities."

- Rabbi Michael Latz, Kol HaNeshamah
(Seattle, WA)

"Richard Curtis encourages us to deepen our emotional appreciation of reality and to value the way in which inter-dependence must increasingly inform our efforts toward any sustaining good. His book should be of interest to many free-religionists."

- Rev. Jon Luopa, University Unitarian Church
(Seattle, WA)

"Most doctoral students are able to summarize the views of other scholars well, whereas only a small number are able to formulate their own independent arguments. Richard Curtis has demonstrated the ability to do both."

- Philip Clayton, PhD, Ingraham Professor of Theology
Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, CA)